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Prof Sankaranarayanasamy K Director
Dr Mahapatra G S Associate Professor
Dr Raju Bahubalendruni M V A Assistant Professor
Dr Ragupathy D Assistant Professor
Dr Kaladhar Kolla Professor
Dr Lakshmi Sutha G Assistant Professor
Dr Venkadesan A Assistant Professor
Dr Sivaram N M Assistant Professor
Dr Govindaraj V Assistant Professor


Optimal harvesting of prey-predator system with in...

Author: Pal, D.;Mahaptra, G. S.;Samanta, G. P.

A production inventory model for deteriorating ite...

Author: Pal, Shilpi;Mahapatra, G. S.;Samanta, G. P.

Experimental performance investigation of modified...

Author: Reddy, K. S.;Natarajan, Sendhil Kumar;Veershetty, G.

Robust feedforward and recurrent neural network ba...

Author: Roy, Pratik;Mahapatra, G. S.;Rani, Pooja;Pandey, S. K.;Dey, K. N.

Improvement of H2S sensing properties o...

Author: Lee, Soo Chool;Kim, Seong Yeol;Hwang, Byung Wook;Jung, Suk Yong;Ragupathy, Dhanusuraman;Son, In Sung;Lee, Duk Dong;Kim, Jae Chang

Controllability Results for Nonlinear Fractional-O...

Author: Balachandran, K.;Govindaraj, V.;Rodríguez-Germa, L.;Trujillo, J. J.

Globally accessible machine automation using Raspb...

Author: Sandeep, V.;Gopal, K. Lalith;Naveen, S.;Amudhan, A.;Kumar, L. S.

An efficient genetic algorithm for multi-objective...

Author: Changdar, Chiranjit;Mahapatra, G. S.;Kumar Pal, Rajat

An EPQ model of ramp type demand with Weibull dete...

Author: Pal, Shilpi;Mahapatra, G. S.;Samanta, G. P.